Marina Kuwait Hotel, Salwa Al Sabah Hall
20  To 21 Nov 2024

Submission Deadline


Welcome to the Conference Poster abstract Submission Page

On behalf of the organizing committee, I extend a warm invitation to you and your esteemed colleagues to submit a poster abstract for the 9th Kuwait International Medical Genetics Conference. This year’s conference, themed “Genetics Frontiers: Empowering Clinical Practice,” promises to be an enlightening event, fostering discussions and insights into cutting-edge developments in medical genetics.

Conference Details:

  • Title: 9th Kuwait International Medical Genetics Conference
  • Date: November 20th to 21st, 2024
  • Venue: Salwa Al Sabah Hall, Marina Kuwait Hotel
  • Submission Deadline: 6:00 PM (Kuwait Time), Tuesday, October 8th, 2024

Your participation and contribution to this event would be invaluable in enriching the discourse surrounding medical genetics. We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to Kuwait for what is sure to be a memorable and intellectually stimulating conference.

Poster Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. Poster abstract submissions: should serve as the initial report of knowledge, experience, or best practices in the field of Medical Genetics.
  2. Focus: Abstracts should present work in clinical genetics and genetics research that has significantly impacted clinical practice.
  3. Deadline: The deadline for poster abstract submissions is 6:00 PM (Kuwait Time), Tuesday, October 8th, 2024.
  4. Evaluation Process: Submissions will be evaluated by a review committee.
  5. Notification: Submitters will be informed of the decision on their abstract within two weeks of submission.
  6. Accepted Abstracts: Authors of accepted abstracts will receive an invitation to prepare a digital poster presentation.
  7. Presentation: Authors of accepted abstracts will also be asked to prepare a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation on their poster topic.

General Suggestions for Abstract Submissions

  1. Spelling and Grammar: Ensure proper spelling and grammar throughout the abstract.
  2. Font and Formatting: Use a standard typeface like Times Roman or Calibri with a font size of 12 for optimal readability.
  3. Abbreviations and Acronyms: Keep nonstandard abbreviations/acronyms to a minimum to enhance readability and comprehension.
  4. Content: Do not include tables, figures, or graphs in the abstract. Save such content for the poster presentation.
  5. Length: The abstract should be concise, with a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 250 words. Consider using bullet points for clarity if preferred.
  6. Organization: Structure the abstract with the following headings where appropriate:

-Title: The abstract title should succinctly convey the content or subject of the poster and should not exceed 50 words. It can be formulated as a question or suggest conclusions, if appropriate, to catch the reader’s attention effectively.

-Background: The introductory sentence(s) may be stated as a hypothesis, a purpose, an objective, or as current evidence for a finding. 

-Methods: Briefly describe the methods of the project to define the data or population, outcome variables, and analytic techniques, as well as data collection procedures and frequencies. A description of statistical methods used may be included if appropriate.

-Results: The results should be stated succinctly to support only the purpose, objectives, hypothesis, or conclusions.

-Conclusions: The conclusion(s) should highlight the impact of the project, and follow the methods and results in a logical fashion. 

Following these guidelines will help ensure that your abstract effectively communicates the objectives and findings of your poster presentation.

Digital Poster Submission Guidelines

  1. Availability: Digital posters will be accessible for viewing on the poster portal on the conference website and on digital screens located throughout the conference exhibition hall.
  2. Interactive Features: Attendees can view highlights of your poster and scan a QR code to access the full poster on their devices.
  3. Orientation: Digital screens are vertically oriented.
  4. Submission Format: All posters must be uploaded through the poster submission portal in Word file document format.
  5. Accessibility: Attendees can view, zoom into, and download posters as PDF documents.
  6. Presentation Requirement: Authors of accepted poster submissions must prepare a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation. The top three posters will be selected to present their work and will be awarded prizes at the conference on Thursday, November 21st.
  7. Attendance Requirement: Accepted poster presenters must register for the conference and be present.

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